Nadia Gilani

Nadia Gilani Ashtanga Yoga

Nadia has been practicing yoga since the late 1990s when her mum dragged her reluctantly to a Hatha class at their local YMCA as a teenager. As a journalist with a curious instinct, she has since explored a range of styles including: Ashtanga, Anusara, Hatha, Iyengar, Jivamukti, Raja, Vinyasa, Yin, and even hot, though has stayed with an Ashtanga self-practice for the longest - around 11 years.

As time has passed, her practice has evolved, leading her to flee dogmatic lead classes and finding teachers including: Gingi Lee, Norman Blair and Melanie Cooper who offered a softer approach to the practice.

She completed a 200-hour Hatha yoga training in India in 2013, but it was not until a second 300-hour course with her teachers Melanie Cooper and Norman Blair in 2016 that she felt ready to teach.

Nadia believes anyone can do yoga, it’s down to the teacher to take a flexible, compassionate and intelligent approach to help students find what best suits them. She is passionate about demystifying the idea that Ashtanga is the hardest practice and holds a deep commitment to modifying and making the practice inclusive. Her view is that true advanced yoga is finding your edge, and stopping there. Challenging oneself is good, experiencing discomfort and facing it head on is often where the magic of transformation takes place, but the ability to contort yourself into Insta-looking shapes isn’t the path to enlightenment!

Everyone comes to yoga for different reasons — Nadia’s personal favourite is the transformative effect the practice can have on strengthening the mind and helping us find our truth.

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